7 day skiing-trip in Gudauri    


There is only one price, no matter which of the packages on offer you choose in Georgia. It is guaranteed for bookings up to 01/11/2019. There are no hidden costs and you will be enthused by the value you get for the money.


As you certainly all have individual requirements there is little sense in offering lift-passes with our packages. Depending on your backcountry priorities, you might not need any at all, or at least not for all days. The same goes for the guides. I have included the extra costs to give you an impression of how much money you may have to shell out.


  • we help you find a suitable flight
  • online-freeriding-guide Gudauri
  • all transfers
  • 6 nights half-board in Gudauri
  • personal on-site support for the whole trip
  • half-day discovery tour through the skiing region and the location
  • full-day ski-tour to the orthodox monastery Lomisi
  • 1 night in the historical center of Tiflis

Not included:

  • flight
  • lift-passes
  • lunch in the mountains
  • freeriding and/or ski-touring guide 



That’s included:

We help you to find the best flight


Our service already starts before booking with us. After contacting and telling us when and where you want to start your freeriding-adventure we will start looking for the ideal flight for you. This does not necessarily have to be the cheapest flight a booking portal offers you as several things need to be taken into consideration: the duration of your stay, baggage regulations (you have to take skis or snowboards along and the regulations for that are rather complicated and differ from airline to airline) and arrival time at your destination to gain as many skiing days as possible. This is all part of the service without us earning anything by offering it. In the last years the prices of the flights departing from Munich, Vienna, Prague, Zurich, Bern and Stuttgart including tax and ski luggage have varied between 220-250€. These prices are pretty stable when booking timely. Here, we gladly share our experiences with you.

Online freeriding-guide Gudauri


Right after booking with us you will receive an online freeriding-guide highlighting all the possibilities in and around Gudauri; from challenging ski-tours to ski-plus alternatives where you only have to climb few meters. Starting points for descents of more than 1400 meters in the best freeriding terrain are already possible with a 20-minute ascent.

All transfers 


After arrival we will pick you up from the airport and with a reliable driver and vehicle (which is worth its weight in gold in Georgia) you will be taken to our partner hotel in Gudauri. The 110km drive – depending on snow conditions – will take between 2 to 3 hours. The transfer from Gudauri to Tiflis on the second last day is also included, as well as the drive from the hotel in Tiflis to the airport. 

6 nights half-board in Gudauri


in our partner hotel (Home-Base) in Gudauri. The hotel is located at an altitude of 2200m and is easily accessible by ski. In the morning it is a 200m walk to the first lift. Breakfast and dinner are offered in buffet form, serving excellent, unique Georgian cuisine. The small hotel is plain, but clean and warm. Toilets and bathrooms are ensuite. There is even a small sauna and ample space to gather with a cool beer or hot wine in the evenings.

Personal on-site support for the whole trip


We are always there for you! The personal on-site support is one of the most important reasons why you should plan your freeriding adventure with us.


With journeys like take you might experience some unexpected situations anytime. Here is one example why our support for you can be of utter importance:


In February 2016 a truck (picture on the right) was blocking the only access road halfway between Tiflis and Gudauri. With -22 degrees only very partly funny. We could react quickly and with our contacts we could organize a transfer to our original destination Gudauri. We quickly got out of the car, bypassed the truck with our luggage and on the other side got into the car that we could get hold off by calling ahead to Gudauri. Our journey was prolonged by 2 hours, however, the others in the traffic jam weren’t that lucky. Ambulances provided hot drinks for the drivers and the access road was blocked for another 10 hours.


We know Gudauri, we have the necessary contacts on we support you any time with our guidance and assistance.


Half-day discovery tour through the skiing region and the location


On the first day after the airport transfer (normally a Sunday rather early in the morning) you will receive the first Georgian meal. Afterwards (of course only for those interested), we will show you the skiing region, the different possibilities for freeriding, where to find what (from the ATM to the best locations for lunch in the mountains) and everything else you want to know.


The ‘center’ of Gudauri is not very big, however, we can still offer you some inside-tips…


You should feel comfortable in Gudauri right from the start!

Full- day skiing-tour to the orthodox monastery Lomisi


If weather and snow conditions allow for it, we will accompany you to this special highlight: the small, orthodox monastery Lomisi. Founded in 1500, it lies on a mountain crest at an altitude of 2400m. The 4 extremely friendly and hospitable monks are always glad to welcome visitors - especially if they bring along schnaps from their home country – and guide them through the tiny monastery telling stories in broken English. In winter, the monks hardly ever get down into the valley and are therefore always eager for company. This skiing-tour demands for a 900m ascent and is technically not challenging.

1 night in the historical center of Tiflis


Tiflis alone would already be worth a trip. Everywhere you can feel the wind of change and a positive upbeat mood. This feeling is also mirrored in the architecture of the city as centuries old buildings stand right next to modern glass and steel structures. The successful mixture of old and new has its unique charm. Our partner hotel is right in the middle of the historical center, where its narrow streets that are full of small boutiques, cafes and bars. Even in January the heated outdoor areas are bustling with the Georgian youth of Tiflis.


 Whether you are opting for a steakhouse offering Georgian organic meat, a visit to the Abanotubani, the baths quarter in the middle of the historical center, or are simply looking for a comfortable bar providing live-music, we have all the good tips for a successful grand finale of your journey to Georgia. Finally, rather early on Sunday morning you are being brought to the airport by taxi. 

That’s not included:


Flight to Tiflis


In the last years the prices of the flights departing from Munich, Vienna, Prague, Zurich, Bern and Stuttgart including tax and ski luggage have varied between 220-250€. Today, you can even travel to Tiflis rather cheaply from Graz or Salzburg. In the course of the last five years flight prices have been rather stable when booking timely. Please contact us at any rate before booking your flights.



Unlike in other skiing resorts, the price of the lift-passes is not a considerable cost factor. The price lies somewhere between 10-12€ a day (2018), depending on whether you opt for a multi-day pass or just buy the lift-passes on a daily basis.

Lunch in the mountains


With our package you are also well provided for when it comes to your physical wellbeing. Breakfast and dinner is included. If you want to eat out for lunch it won’t excessively strain your travel budget. The partly really comfy huts with open fireplaces in the mountains offer food and drink for 4 to 5€.

Freeriding- and/or ski-tours guide


Wherever I traveled to for my freeriding trips I have always tried to hire a local, well-trained guide at least for the first couple of days. Although, doing so from back home was always a bit like gambling. Not only once we were heavily disappointed. If you travel with us, you will definitely be spared the experience of hiring a mediocre skier without any real knowledge of avalanche safety.


In Gudauri there are many, self-proclaimed guides. Many Russians and Ukrainians line up to offer their questionable services to ski-tourists who are willing to pay. Our experience has taught us that there is only a handful of guides who are professional and truly worth the extra money.


When contacting us, a really important point is to establish if and for how long you will need a guide. Guides that we provide are really worth the money and cost about 15 to 25€ a day, depending on the size of the group, no matter if you are planning to do ski-tours or ski-plus alternatives. All necessary transfers are included in this price.