Georgia – endless freeriding-possibilities


Georgia, situated on the threshold between Europe and Asia, with its 4 million inhabitants in 57,000km2, is a small, sparsely populated country. The former Soviet-republic is located at the Black Sea. It is bordered by Turkey and Armenia in the south, Azerbaijan in the east, whereas in the north the massive Caucasus range provides a natural border to Russia.


Even during the Soviet era Georgia was already a much sought-after travel destination. It was not only famous for being Stalin’s birth place, but also renowned for being the breadbasket of Russia and due to its geographical position right at the Black Sea, it has always been a place many Russians longed to travel to.


Today, Georgia is a fast developing country. Especially the young generation sees their future within the EU, rather than Russia holding its protecting hand over the country. The last ten years have been characterized by a highly successful fight against corruption and shadow economy. Only eleven years ago Georgia was positioned behind countries like Uganda in the annual corruption index released by Transparency International. However, in 2018 it was placed clearly ahead of Italy, Croatia and Hungary. Meanwhile, it has become a shining example concerning the fight against corruption. Crime is virtually no issue! Thus, according to the World Security Index Georgia holds place 29, whereas for example Germany is only positioned on the 51st spot (2017).



Our home-base


ffor freeriding-adventures in Georgia is Gudauri. The little skiing resort lies 110km to the northwest of Tiflis. In the last couple of years, Gudauri has developed from a prestige-project of the government, into a modern skiing region with relatively good infrastructure to match the European models. Gudauri is located at an altitude of 2200m and is the ideal starting point for seemingly endless freeriding adventures.


The skiing region is compact in size; the highest point to be reached by lift is Mt. Sadzele (3276m). From there it offers countless options not only back to the resort but particularly to the north. All these tours end up in the Georgian Military Road.


Here some reasons why Gudauri should be at the top of your list:

  • a secure freeriding destination off the beaten track
  • hardly beatable value for money
  • lift-assisted freeriding-tours with up to 1400m descents
  • gorgeous ski-tours
  • untouched snow even long after the previous snowfalls
  • hardly any wind, stable high pressure weather
  • short and intensive precipitation periods
  • quickly and easily accessible from Central Europe
  • adventure, experiences and unique, pristine character


7 skiing days in Gudauri cost 589 €