No Luxury, no spas, only the mountain and you


Who of you hasn’t already experienced it: snowfall the previous night, getting up really early, doing 2—3 runs and everything is mashed up… freeriding can be stressful. Actually, a kind of stress that nobody wants ….


This is one of the reasons why in the last 15 years I have been searching for alternatives to the Arlberg, Sportgastein or other freeriding regions in Austria. In the course of my travels I have visited Switzerland, Italy, Germany as well as Slovakia – traveling further away to Canada, the USA and even India. Away from the masses and looking for adventure, the ideal terrain and perfect snow. In 2013 I went to the Caucasus for the first time and I was instantly enthused by the countries, the people and – above all – the mountains.


The Caucasus has put me under its spell and does not let me go!


Back home recounting my experiences, I soon realized that I wasn’t the only one craving for pristine character and adventure. At the beginning I often traveled alone, or with one or two friends but eventually throughout the years the groups got bigger. One of my constant companions is Gregor (Gregor Hartl Fotografie) who is to be held responsible for the pics on this page (many thanks for that!).

Researching, planning and organizing freeriding trips for friends and acquaintances has become one of my passions. Sharing unique and treasured moments and experiences makes them even more valuable. However, the best pics cannot be seen on this page but are still in our heads…


In the season 2017/2018 I decided to turn my passion into profession and I’m pretty sure I can also excite you! I do not only get support from my family, but also from Gaby, the IT-wizard, who assists me with all the technical stuff like the homepage and the handling of social networks (many thanks for that!). I am still on my way catching up with the digital era, but no worries my knowledge is sufficient to answer your inquiries and questions …



I hope that by browsing our website you get an impression of our passion. We are looking forward to your inquiries!