First of all: Our offers are adressed equally to women and men, as well as at skiers and snowboarders. We have specialized in (small) groups. We ask for your understanding that we do not put groups together ourselves, experience has shown that this does not work. So motivate friends and like-minded people to come along. We look forward to your inquiries! (here)!



Dates and prices

We have specialized in (small) group adventures. Our packages contain (almost) everything see all the details: here. Additional expences are very low. The freeriders among you who like to use the lifts have to shell out around €12 for the day pass. Tea, mulled wine or a beer after a powder day is also cheap (tea: €1.50, mulled wine €2,20 and half a liter of beer around €2,20). The group size of 6 people results from the maximum number of people who can be on the road with a guide. If you are only 4 or 5 people, our package will be a bit more expensive. Please write us the number of people with your request. We ask for your understanding that we do not put groups together by ourselves. The simplest: call friends and motivate 5 like-minded people to come along!!!


Dates 2024

We recommend direct flights to Kutaisi with Wizz Air. The Hungarian low-cost airline is currently the only one that flies to Kutaisi non-stop. Depending on the departure airport (Vienna, Memmingen, Berlin, Dortmund, Barcelona...) the day of arrival varies (Saturday or Sunday), the return flight is always exactly one week later.

13. January - 20. January 2024

20. January - 27. January 2024 

27. January - 03. February 2024

03. February - 10. February 2024 

10. February - 17. February 2024

17. February - 24. February 2024

24. February -  03. March 2024

03. March - 10. March 2024

10. March - 17. March 2024

17. March - 24. March 2024

24. March - 31. March 2024

Prices 2024

Inflation is high in Georgia. We feel responsible for our employees on site and are always careful to pay people adequate (and better than others). Our on-site team has great commitment and makes an enormously important contribution to ensure everything works and your trip remains unforgettable. In addition to the increased labor costs, there price for diesel increased massively.  Nevertheless, we try to keep our package prices low so your trip remains affordable. 


Group size 6 people (p.p.):  € 1090,00

Group size 5 people (p.p.):  € 1200,00

Group size 4 people (p.P.):  € 1310,00



Our package prices include almost everything (here) and prices are are always the same, no matter which week you choose.